Maine Coon


Past Cats (Maine Coon)

Jerry and Dragon
Jerry and Dragon are so spoiled. They are live with Marie & Michael
Alex ( 3 years old ) Tabasco ( 8 month )
on photo 6 month old. He live with Teresa and her family. He is so big handsome boy . He is waiting for Willow - black solid girl
Lala is beautiful girl with love hair . She loves go for a walk. and travels with her Family everywhere .To the mountains and to the see. She will live with Baltazar .
She on a walk in Wiclow
Somali boy he came to us on holiday. He live with Moataz . He is so spoiled :)
He live with Ali. he is so loved. Anubis has an important job, he has to look after Alis fish.
Lala & Baltazar
They are live in Dublin with Patrycja and Janek
She live with Lucy & Rene , She is waiting for new cat friend
Tiffy & Willow
She lives in Colins Garden Cattery
Zevran & Kaineko
They live in Cork with Orla