British Shorthair & Scottish Fold

British Shorthair & Scottish Fold

Magic Smile EAMONN of Reyes De Selva

Color: Chocolate
Date of birth: 10/08/2012

Sire: GR. INT. CH. WCF; CH FIFE Magic Smile Kristian
Dam: Magic Smile Pearl

He's a lazy spoiled yoke to put it as simply as can be. You could find him in the same spot after 3 hours, as he just waits for you to cuddle him. He looks like a true teddy bear and is so special to us.

He's like a toy all over, especially with a personality that lets you hold him for hours. He has very gentle loving eyes. 

Eamonn (or what we call him FiluĊ›) likes the attention coming to him. Although he can be very loud whenever he wants to. 

He's pretty entartaining around the ladies - he really needs his privacy and looks clueless when we are around. 


We are very proud of him, he became a champion at the age of 8 months and 7 days. 


PKD neg. Blood A. FeLV & FiV neg. 

Heart scan  - clear