Maine Coon

Maine Coon

Langstteich's GRACEY DARLING

Color: Red Tabby
Date of birth: 23/10/2011

Sire: Langstteich's ES Number One
Dam: Langstteich's NU Grandola

Our long awaited Gracey Darling is an amazing cat. Although Kinga and Waldek call her Helga, Aida forever will debate the name of Grace. Our vets always have a big laugh over it. 

She's our dream MCO who has chosen Waldek to be her life companion. She only listens to him, he's the one she trusts with her kittens and follows him around the house. 

She's a very muscular body, a lovely big head and huge ears. She follows the wild look and has a lovely personality. 

She's very friendly and talkative. 


FeLV and FIV Neg

Parents HCM echo testes n/n