Maine Coon

All our kittens grow up wit us, being constantly in the house with children and dogs. 

 The kittens love playing and constantly helping us with the housework (like hovering and mopping)

Although their favorite place is always the kitchen, where they help us make and then steal our food!


We are looking for a good home for each one of the kittens. I think, that before buying a kitten every future owner must consider the purchase carefully, you must realize that you are taking on a responsibility for many years.

We try to help you with the purchase, you can ask us for advice and ask us as many questions as you require.

Each customer gets individual care. We help out by sending recommended shopping lists and our self made advice booklets.  


The kittens are ready to re home at 12-13 weeks. By then, they are fully vaccinated and protected against many dangerous illness and bacteria. They are wormed and litter trained. All of our kittens are micro chipped. You can ask us more about the pet insurance if you are considering it. 


 Each baby leaves the house with a Applows or Royal Canine voucher  kitten pack, a set of tips and reminders and a kitten contract (I can send it to you before collection if you like) . All the kittens are registered with  TICA on the non-active register (cats which are not to have kittens and are supposed to be neutered/spayed), unless on the day of reservation it was organized differently. To confirm the reservation, we ask for a non-refundable deposit of min. 200e


Price of our kittens is deepending :

Breed , Type , Parents , Colors , shows or not shows 

British Shorthair  non active ( for neutering ) - 450/600


Ask about price for Breeding 


For each of the cats born in our house, we offer a (cattery) hotel for the time of the owners holiday.

Just contact us a few weeks earlier to make arrangements. 



We are happy to answer any questions before and after the kitten re homes


Available – the kitten has not found the right owner yet

Option – there is a person already interested in the kitten, but no reservation has been yet made

Reserved- the kitten has found the right home


Maine Coon Kittens

We are sorry, but currently we don't have Maine Coon kittens available.
If you would like to know when we will have new kittens contact us by email.